We will be having a picnic to celebrate the New Year 2069 on April 28th, Saturday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. It will be in Cooks’ Landing Park. Food will be catered by the Indian restaurant Taj Mahal. We will make some breakfast as we arrive at the park. This park seems ideal for the picnic as it is located near the river (big dam bridge). The pavilion is large enough with sufficient seating, electricity, water, and other facilities. 

We will have -

Breakfast: Croissants and eggs with chiya -  some other items

Lunch: Goat meat curry, Kashmiri pulao, mixed vegetable, and raita; Ras malai for dessert.

Recreation: Card, ball, bingo, frisbee, and whatever else you can bring  We will also need to volunteer for music player, ice / ice boxes, 2 small stove, and other items. We'll coordinate that later.

Directions to the park: To reach Cook's Landing take exit #148 off I-40.  Head south on Crystal Hill Rd.  At the red light turn Left onto North Shore Dr. At the four-way intersection turn Right and follow the sign to Cook's Landing.  Parking is available at the building on the right near the restrooms and further down near the approach of the Big Dam Bridge.

From I-430: Take I-430 north; exit on Maumelle (Exit 12); take a right after the exit; take right on first light (Northshore Dr.); right again on Cooks’ Landing Road and you will be at the park.