Welcome to the Arkansas Nepali Society!

As the president of our society, I'm delighted to extend my heartfelt greetings to all our dedicated community members. ANS has consistently served as a platform for interaction and connection among the Nepali community in and around central Arkansas. With the collaborative efforts of our executive team and our vibrant Nepali community, I aim to uphold our ongoing activities and initiatives.

As per our annual tradition, we will host a variety of events throughout the year, providing opportunities for us to come together, celebrate our rich traditions, and embrace our cultural heritage. These gatherings will also facilitate idea exchange, collaboration, and mutual support among us.

I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with each and every one of you in the days ahead.

Best Regards,

Ashamsa Aryal

Email: hello@arkansasnepal.org

About Us

At present, ANS represents the Nepali community residing in Little Rock, the capital city of Arkansas. However, our aspiration is to unite all Nepalis and Nepali-Americans scattered across the state. Additionally, we extend a warm welcome to anyone, regardless of nationality, who shares an interest in our culture and way of life. Our overarching objective is to foster a cohesive Nepali community in Arkansas, preserving our culture, values, and heritage while also actively engaging in serving the broader community around us.


ANS Executive Team

Ashamsa Aryal


Nirjal Mainali


Amit Adhikari

Outreach & Communication 

Sanjay Rimal

IT Lead

Planning Committee

Lex Subedi

Mamata Dhakal

Nishav Mainali

Rubal KC

Ruman KC

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Annual Calendar

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